Who is Infinite Athlete?

Our mission is to build an operating system for sports that powers infinite innovation and makes sports better for the fan, the game, and the athlete.

Born out of the idea that the world can do better in all aspects of sports and live events – the fan, the game, and the athlete experience – Infinite Athlete’s goal is to create a single technological foundation across all major sports, upon which innovative sports technology and media products can be built.

This foundation will combine and connect sports data from all sources, which will create infinite possibilities. Infinite Athlete was established in 2023 after the merger of Tempus Ex Machina and Biocore, LLC.


Our tech powers products made and used by the biggest players in the game.

  • Biocore's AI Injury Detection is used by leagues, teams and companies across several industries to detect and reduce the risk of injury to workers and athletes.
  • Tempus Ex's Game Operations Dashboard™ helps leagues watch, collaborate, and share by bringing all of their data together and putting it at their fingertips.
  • Chelsea Football Club puts Tempus Ex's MVX™ technology in the hands of fans, allowing them to watch the game with personalized graphic overlays, match statistics, automated highlights, augmented reality (AR), real-time athlete tracking, and more.