SBJ Tech: Tempus Ex Machina debuts fan innovations at Chelsea-Wrexham

Last week, I spent some time with Charlie Ebersol at one of my old stomping grounds: Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill, N.C., where I covered a handful of games during my time as a college football reporter. It was nice to get back in a press box again, see some familiar faces and learn from someone who is as excited about their product as Charlie is. -- Ethan Joyce.

Ethan JoyceWed Jul 26 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Gametime for Tempus Ex Machina

From the article:

Tempus Ex Machina was about to try something new -- giving fans an interactive AR experience with the game’s live feed inside Chelsea’s team app, called The 5th Stand -- and [Charlie Ebersol] leaned into the open door for a final check-in. “This is the first time anyone's ever done it, so we’re excited about it. We're not terribly nervous?” Ebersol said, hanging the question in the air as he scanned over the faces. “We got this,” [Bobby Carter] chimed, immediately, with a mild-mannered fist pump.

The crew was there as backup, a safeguard in place just in case something did go wrong [spoiler alert: it didn’t] during the debut of this new user-guided broadcast: Match View X, a product unveiled three months into a seven-year deal between the company and the Premier League club. The Chelsea-Wrexham matchup was part of the FC Series, which is organized by Florida Citrus Sports. Ebersol perched on some fencing, white Chelsea hat in tow, ahead of what eventually became a 5-0 victory where international eyes saw a new way to view the Blues."

Tempus Ex Machina gave fans an interactive AR experience during Chelsea-Wrexham

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