The Infinite Athlete platform is designed from the ground up to provide the access and the foundation needed for you and your team to build the future of sports. From league-oriented products like Game Operations Dashboard to consumer-oriented products like MVX™, the Infinite Athlete platform enables it all.

Our platform is currently invite-only, but you can request information by filling out the form on this page.

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At the heart of the Infinite Athlete platform is FusionFeed™ by Tempus Ex. FusionFeed™ is your one stop shop for sports data including the following and more:

  • Audio and Video
  • Camera Resectioning
  • Clock and Scoreboard Data
  • Rosters
  • Official and Automated Statistics
  • CV-Based Detection and Pose Estimation
  • Hardware and CV-Based Tracking
FusionFeed by Tempus Ex