Infinite Athlete was established in 2023, after the merger of Tempus Ex Machina and Biocore, LLC, to bring together the best minds and technologies under one banner.

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Tempus Ex Machina

Tempus Ex’s cutting-edge, proprietary technology, FusionFeed™, syncs all data and video generated at a live event and enables the creation of high quality, ground-breaking products for fan experiences, broadcasts, athlete performance, health and safety, game operations and more. The mission of Tempus Ex is to empower everyone to build the future of live events. Tempus Ex works with premier leagues, clubs, and corporations globally.

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Biocore has decades of experience developing and applying engineering knowledge to protect people in sports, automotive, military, and other environments by conducting influential and highly-cited research, maintaining state-of-the-art testing capabilities, and leveraging a global network of leaders in biomechanical engineering and data analytics.