The 33rd Team creates unique football content from people who have led and coached NFL teams as well as those who have played professional football at the highest level. The company pairs the mission of creating smarter analysis around the NFL with its fantasy and betting offering from the most informed experts in the industry. As the news cycle of the NFL flows, The 33rd Team is the home for content that will inform the savvy NFL consumer and allow them to participate in watching, listening and reading analysis from some of the most recognizable names in the industry.


LiveLike is a technology company dedicated to empowering digital experiences and building fan communities. Its leading audience engagement suite empowers businesses to captivate, engage, and monetize their audiences effectively. With a range of interactive features, community-building tools, and loyalty rewards systems, LiveLike drives user participation, enhances user experiences, and generates meaningful insights based on first and zero-party data.

Gemini Sports Analytics

Gemini Sports Analytics helps professional and collegiate sports teams bring their data to life with its sports-specific AI-Cloud and automated Machine Learning application. In the cut-throat, rapidly changing sports world, Gemini exists to help you organize and use your data more effectively by providing easy-to-use predictive analytical tools and unlocking the insights you need to help you make your most important decisions faster and with a higher degree of conviction.


Apollo is a leading provider of innovative sports technology solutions, empowering sports organizations with advanced tools for data management, analysis, and performance optimization. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sports technology, Apollo delivers customizable solutions that drive success on and off the field.


Encore empowers businesses to deepen their understanding of customers through zero-party data collection. Data capture is elevated with Encore, opening up 20+ cross-platform data points, going beyond traditional pop-ups, and resulting in a 4.5x increase in effectiveness. Businesses that use Encore gain a holistic understanding of their customers allowing them to provide personalized experiences which results in lower customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increased revenue. Unlock the power of zero-party data with Encore, where data-driven insights create meaningful customer experiences and identity becomes an asset.


Dizplai empowers broadcasters, sports organisations and brands to produce a new breed of interactive, dynamic live content that engages audiences and drives real value. The platform allows producers to quickly and easily combine audience engagement from social media, messaging apps and the broadcaster’s own platforms together with news and sports data and display it all with beautiful, real-time graphics. Dizplai works with some of the world’s biggest broadcasters and sports organisations such as Sky, ITV, TNT Sports, QVC, Stan Sports and Manchester City.

Score Play

ScorePlay is a comprehensive AI-powered media hub designed exclusively for sports organizations and co-constructed with them. With design-thinking at its core, it connects every stakeholder in the sports ecosystem, streamlining tasks with automated content management and delivery, helping build brands and reach, leverage stakeholders like athletes, and provide additional value to partnerships and sponsorships.


VRTL is the virtual venue of fandom. The organization exists to ensure that all in-person fan engagement experiences are available to global and remote fanbases in a fully branded and multi-functional digital environment. Brands, teams, organizations, and independent celebrities are now able to engage their entire fanbase with activations to generate greater revenues, capture data and grow their base, and develop stronger brand loyalty. VRTL provides clients with a virtual venue and all tools and resources to execute fan experiences including pre-assembled events.


Curastory is a video enablement tool for creators allowing them to edit, monetize, distribute, and track their videos across social media. For monetization, they are the first programmatic media buying solution for influencer content.


Slate is a content creation platform that allows companies to unlock their potential on social media through tools to seamlessly brand, edit, and customize their content. Founded in 2019 by former NFL social media professionals, Slate has quickly become a market leader in the digital content creation space and is now used across every major US sports league, universities, top media organizations, beauty, and fitness brands, among others. For more information on how Slate can help you improve your social media content creation, visit


Optimum Grading provides a cutting-edge, industry-leading football player grading software designed to revolutionize the way athletes are evaluated. The company’s comprehensive grading solution empowers coaches at all levels with the tools they need to make informed decisions, improve player performance, and gain a competitive edge.

Inside Edge

Inside Edge, Inc. is a sports data and analytics company that has given professional teams a winning edge since 1993. Their in-depth analytics products, powered by our patented “Remarkable” AI technology, break down big data and deliver key insights that are tailored to specific audiences like teams, broadcasters, sports bettors, daily fantasy players and fans. Inside Edge is a trusted analytics provider for sports including baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.


Stadion is a sports media publishing platform with a difference. It gives you the power to deliver the very latest content to your club’s fans in the way you want, at a price you like. It’s modular, responsive and fully customisable. Now supporters can enjoy a live match day experience, video highlights, up-to-the-minute stats, player news and social media updates wherever they are. And if they want to buy a ticket for the game or this season’s shirt? No problem.

Stream Layer

StreamLayer is the revolutionary audience engagement platform that redefines the way viewers experience live video. The Company’s proprietary Video Engagement Operating System (VEOS) enables content programmers and broadcast rights holders to transform linear streaming video feeds into highly personalized interactive viewing experiences, seamlessly integrated into their own native app environments